About Us

Spectro SSA Labs is a part of Spectro Group of Companies - having the prestigious NABL Accreditation in the fields of Chemical, Mechanical, Biological, Non-Destructive Testing & Calibration Services. It is certified by ISO 9001, 14001 and Approved by BIS.

Spectro Group was established in the year 1995 with an objective to provide precise and accurate testing services. As SPECTRO completes 23 years we feel proud in sharing that during this span of 23 years SPECTRO has played a pioneering role in creating for itself a globally recognized position in the field of material and analytical testing.

Starting as the first lab in the country to give Direct Spectro analysis of metals, today it has created capability to test and inspect all Engineering Materials, Building Materials, Food, Rubber Polymers, Agri Products, Coal & Coke, Petroleum Products and Environmental Monitoring. The strength of the group lies in its dedicated, multi discipline professionals, expert and experienced governing board, innovative management and labs equipped with the most sophisticated equipments/instruments. SPECTROs culture is grounded in integrity and respect.

This means holding the highest standards of ethical business culture. This reputation for adhering to these standards has created a faith in its customers and helped in maintaining an unbreakable bond with more than 8000 clients.